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Help Your Body (and your weight) 1 Digestive Meter at a Time. June 26, 2012

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About 4 years ago, I learned that the longer something, like steak or pork, takes to digest, the longer it will stay in your digestive tract. Like most, I thought “so what? It’ll come out eventually.” That’s where we’re wrong—in part. The longer something like pork or beef takes to digest, the more time it has to calcify into the knicks and crannies of your intestines, then little pieces of food like corn, or more meat can get stuck and build up over time causing all sorts of illnesses—including a common cold. This is why enemas have become such a fad; people are trying to uncalcify their innards. This alone can do wonders for your overall health. I’m not saying go run out and get an enema (unless you want to), there are many ways to do this ‘naturally’. My apple fast is one sure-fire way also.

I found this article on Yahoo which outlines some important info for food choices that I wanted to share. It talks about the do’s and don’t of some foods and their digestive properties.

I’ve never been one to diet. if I’ve been on a gorging streak, I knew I was in the wrong and would choose to eat a little less, or make healthier choices for a couple weeks at a time. But for the most part, I maintain a fairly healthy lifestyle anyways; I only eat fast food about 3 times a year—maybe 4 or 5 (That’s not to say that I won’t eat pizza or burgers, but I have to really want it and I’ll wait until I get a good one from a restaurant—not a chain) .

Like a lot of people, I don’t like the idea of Diets. I believe that you can only restrict yourself for so long before the taunting and non-stop thinking about the cookie and soda etc. will win in the end. Like it’s been said before: life-style change and moderation are key; you need to know WHY things are bad for you and WHY things are good for you and change the way you view food.
When food becomes a source of health and energy, the way you look at it will be much more than just “this will make my stomach stop growling”.

For example: If you tell someone: “soda’s bad, you can only drink 16 oz a day.” Or tell them, “cut soda out and you’ll lose weight”, they’re more likely to fail because they don’t know WHY the soda is bad for them. But if you  have someone who knows that a can of soda has 10 tsp of sugar in it–picture that for a second: an entire (healthy) banana loaf has equal to or less than 10 tsp sugar. Tell them It will also affect their bone density and cause tooth decay , taking that soda away from that person will be easier. Education is key. Now, if the person is well educated and still chooses to pick the unhealthy option on a regular basis, then there may be more underlying problems. – not to mention the whole “if you tell me I can’t, I will!” attitude most everyone has.

Knowing what you’re putting in your body and the effects of it will help to have a successful ‘diet’.
Finding foods that are easily digestible but fill you up AND keep you full is tricky juggling act. Take pork for example: It takes up to 14 hours for pork to make its way through your entire body; vs. a salad which is 2-3 hours; or chicken, which is 4-6 hours.  How many times will you eat again in that 14 hours vs. the 2 hours?
Starving yourself is not a good idea either because depriving your body only makes it say “Oh yeah, the first thing he/she eats next I am going to suck the life out of!” So if you are STARVING and you go for a cheeseburger (because we all make poor choices when we are hungry as all heck), your body will suck the fat, carbs, sugar and whatever else it can out of that burger in order to store it encase it becomes deprived again.
So, if you do find yourself super hungry, decide to have a handful of nuts, a piece of fruit or a salad with chicken first (if not all by itself), then your body will suck out the vitamins, antioxidants, calcium, iron, protein etc. and store that instead. Plus, making that choice to eat the veggies first  (and have a big glass of water too), will most likely fill you up before you want to gorge on something unhealthy—or at least you’ll eat less of the unhealthy thing.

In short, this article teaches you that things, like whole grains will help to fill you up. Plus they are full of fiber, which will actually help to pull fat through your digestive system on its way through. 

Ginger will help digestion of the stomach as well as relieve nausea. Mint (peppermint/spearmint) will also help ease the stomach—if you’ve read the Hunger Games, you know that Katniss chews on a peppermint leaf after eating because it makes her know she’s done eating and helps her digestion. Yougurt—with live/active cultures—can do wonders for the intestines—just like Jamie Lee tells us on the commercials.

If I could do one this with this blog post, its to make you think about what you’re eating with every single bite; think about all the good things that piece of food is doing for your overall health. Don’t just think about the calories, sugar and fat in each bite—that’s another blog post. Once you learn the health benefits of what you’re eating, you will become in tune with your body and know what it needs when you’re bruising easily (iron—in spinach and broccoli), or your tired or have a headache (you may need water) or you’re getting leg cramps (potassium—bananas)  etc. Learn to heal your body with exactly what it needs. Food was put on this earth for a reason and it wasn’t to process and make chemical reproductions of.

* I did not include pictures because I didn’t think that anyone would want to see that and I’m sorry if this post was a little disorganized; I just Have SO much to say about it!


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