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Apple Fast– A good summer Cleanse. September 1, 2010

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Apples for 3 days

Apple Fasting

Apples are not only used to keep the doctors away anymore. They contain your day’s worth of vitamin C, 1/5 of your daily fruit intake, plus they contain an abundance of fiber and enough energy to keep you going for a while. I read that if you are riding the toilet train a little longer than usual, you should incorporate an apple and a cup of green/white tea into your morning breakfast; that’s sure to create the most perfect ‘poo-cocktail’.

A couple of years ago I was informed of the delicateness of the human intestines; what over-exposure of meat does to them etc. That’s when I was told about the 3-day apple diet/fast/cleanse.  Here’s a break-down of what was explained to me: Anything that can’t be digested easily creates gas, aka: farts.  things like beef and meat get caught in the grooves of the intestinal walls and basically–for lack of a better phrase– calcify. I know this seems odd because we’ve been eating meat for ages, but our diet was significantly different, including vegetables, un-processed grains and no chemically enhanced foods.

Apples on the other hand, help to break up the foods in your belly. After only eating apples, the enzymes in your stomach focus on digesting one thing: the apple fibers. Once the apple fibers (the insides of the apples) are in your intestinal tract, they loosen all the calcified material; when the peels make their way down, they scrub and catch all the ‘bad’ particles.

The 1st time I did this I noticed the amount of times I reached for things that I didn’t need to eat; chips, candy and other things that were just laying around. It made me realize that I was eating unnecessarily when I wasn’t even hungry. And the good thing about this cleanse is that you can eat as many apples, any kind of way, and as many kinds of apples as you want. You want apple sauce? go ahead, you want to sauté some apples with a little cinnamon (no sugar), sounds good to me.

You can drink BLACK coffee, and green/white tea. It’s also a good thing to fresh/pure drink apple juice (because for sometreason everything else these days has to be laced with sugar) and as much water as possible. Staying on this fast for three days will allow your body to digest, clean out toxins and stored fats and rejuvenate. This is a simple, yet effective fast that is great to repeat every few months to maintain the balance within the body (


Start the day before by eating a light meal for dinner. Drink lots of water.

The next 3 days eat as many apples as you like, any way you like (most people eat 5-10/day, but that’s just an average). I imagine you don’t have to comply with the 3-6 meals a day rule here (I say this because I rarely eat breakfast and can manage until about 3pm without eating if I have to–which i think would be handy in this case). Recommended apple brands include: Jonathon, Jenneting, Black Arkansas, Oregon Red, Sheepnose, Delicious and Arkansas Russet. Organically grown apples are by far the best (

On the 4th day start off by consuming 2-3Tbsp of Olive Oil, I know: BLECK. This will help your system adjust to the foods it’s going to have to start digesting again. Drink lots of orange/apple juice to start the day off and try and stay away from anything like bread, meat or hard sugars for today (if you eat things like carbs, you’ll probably get bunged up–not an ideal situation). By the 5th day resume  normal diet.

It’s recommended that you do this about once every 1-2 months along with a light exercise like walking or yoga. This shouldn’t be used as a weight-loss regime, but rather a way to get back on track to healthiness.

I’ll be doing this over the weekend and if you do: let me know your struggles and achievements.

Sprinkle all your apples with love  and try to enjoy this cleanse.

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  2. Im sixteen am I able to use this product safely?

    • Kristi Says:

      I think that any Detox/Cleanse or fast shouldn’t be done if you’re under the age of 18. However, I think as long as you’re not depriving yourself of apples, so you’re not starving; or you’re not doing this to lose weight, then you should be OK. At your age I might even recommend taking a multivitamin supplement as well (optional for anyone). And if at anytime you don’t feel right (Ie. dizzy, nauseous etc.) I would discontinue and start adding easily digestible (veggies and fruit) to your diet for at least a day before adding carbs and/ beef. Hope this helps.

  3. SMI Says:

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  6. […] go run out and get an enema (unless you want to), there are many ways to do this ‘naturally’. My apple fast is one sure-fire way […]

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