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THE healthy pancake August 30, 2010

Blueberry Granola Pancakes

I LOVE pancakes, and when I say love, I mean a deep, desperate, desire to eat pancake after pancake. Even my husband thinks I’m a freak. But I know deep down that if there were ever a ‘pancake eating contest’ I would enter and probably win! I don’t understand my love, but I suppose I can compare it to one’s love for…pudding; it’s nothing special, but it’s so delicious.

I’ve been experimenting on pancake recipes with a buckwheat flour I bought. And honestly, I wouldn’t buy it again. It’s just a little too dry for my taste. But, I do love pancake mixes. I add things to them, change them and even make muffins from them! It’s amazing what an egg will do.

When I’m in Dallas (my husband’s home town) I demand to be taken to Bayley’s Cafe in Grapevine. They have the most A-M-A-Z-I-N-G honey-granola pancakes I’ve had.  (And Bayley’s eggs Benedict is to die for–quite literally since it’s the original on a croissant..soooo good, but so artery clogging). I’ve made a version of my own granola pancakes here, and they are quite good and filling; I ate them at about 10 am and didn’t have to eat again until 5pm. That was eating 3, 5-6 inch P-cakes. This time I used some blueberries that I was afraid were going to meet their moldy death sooner than later.

Here’s the recipe. I hope you love pancakes just as much as me. PS, add another egg, or some soda water instead of milk and you have scrumptious muffins– as long as you bake them in a muffin pan–they don’t turn into muffins in the frying pan…

Ingredients: Serving depends on size of pancakes. But for a 5 inch P-cake, serves about 2…or 1 pancake monster like me.

  • 1 cup Flour of your choice (FYI, whole wheat and anything ending in ‘wheat’ are healthier) I used Buckwheat for these.
  • 2+ Tbsp of honey (Instead of sugar)
  • 1 Egg
  • 2 Tbsp of melted butter/ canola oil (doesn’t need to be ‘melted’)
  • 2/3 Cup of milk/water (if you don’t have milk)
  • OR, if you have Pancake mix already, use that instead of the above ingredients…
  • Tsp of cinnamon. If you have vanilla and or nutmeg, add it. I didn’t unfortunately:(
  • Handful of granola (I like Quaker Oats)
  • Blueberries (I like to add them when I’ve already poured the batter in the frying pan), you can also use raspberries or bananas.
  • Maple syrup– believe it or not, being a Canadian, I actually prefer the ‘fake’ maple syrup…weird huh… and no, I don’t put it on everything.
  • Pam spray, or butter. If using Pam, try not to use one of the flavored ones. I don’t think Basil goes well with P-cakes.


  • Spray Pam on the pan, or line with butter. Do this before the pan gets hot so you don’t smoke out the house…
  • Place the pan on a little-less-than-medium heat (like a ‘4’ on a scale of 1-9)
  • Melt the recipe’s butter in the bowl you’re going to stir the rest of the mix into, (or just put the canola oil in there)
  • Then add the milk, and honey…if the butter re-congeals just put it in the microwave for a sec.
  • Add the flour, Granola, cinnamon and any other ‘spices’. Whisk together until all mixed (obviously).
  • leave the mixture a minute while your pan heats up on the stove– now’s a good time to get your spatula/flipper and blueberries ready. If you’re worried about your P-cakes getting cold, grab a plate and form 1 side of the plate with Aluminum foil (then you can lift up one side and toss the P-cake in– like a little P-cake fort)
  • Once ready, pour the batter onto the pan, making the preferred size of P-cake. Place, or toss the blueberries where you want them.
  • Wait until the edges of the P-cake are starting to bubble and become ‘cake-like’. That means it’s time to flip… so flip.
  • This side doesn’t need AS long.
  • Put under the tinfoil covered plate until you’re done using up all your batter.
  • Cover with Maple syrup, sprinkle with love and enjoy.

There are many variations of Pancakes, but know that the pre-made mixes are not as healthy as making them with wheat flour.

If you want to make muffins from this recipe, pre-heat the oven to about 350 degrees, add another egg, soda water, 7-up or sprite and bake until you can pierce them with a toothpick and have it come out clean. OH, add the blueberries to the batter in this case.




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