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Snap, Crackle, Chicken June 9, 2010

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Teriyaki-infused Rice Crispy Chicken.

I tend to prefer chicken over beef; the protein added to a meal will keep you fuller longer and the digestion time (the time it takes to go from stomach to toilet) is about 4 hours, compared to Beef: 8-10 hours or Pork: +10 hours! You might think “oh well, then I  won’t have to eat for that long, so surely Beef and pork would be a better option. This is not the case. Just because it’s in your intestines does not mean you will feel full. In fact, if ingested too regularly, beef can cause more damage to your intestine, creating a cavity-like substance around the intestine wall. Hence the need for enimas (and apple peels). Now that you’re hungry, lets get cooking!

This recipe started out in a cooking magazine I found a few years ago. It’s made with rice-crispies and baked instead of fried; It’s a healthier version of traditional breaded chicken. Of course I recently tried to make it my own, adding a bit of spice and Asian persuasion, it’s a more unique and flavorful twist to the dry flavor of just the 2 ingredients:

Teriyaki infused Rice Crispy chicken. This may sound complicated, or foreign even. But it’s the only way I can describe it and it’s as easy as Dip, Shake, bake! Serves 2-3

You will need:

  • 2 Chicken Breasts
  • A cup or 2 of Rice Crispies
  • Choose all or any of these: S&P, Chili pepper flakes, Italian spice
  • 1 egg
  • 1/4 cup of teriyaki sauce (I have one that has sesame seeds in it which adds to the flavor)
  1. Start with a ziplock bag, put the Rice Crispies and spices (about a tsp or less of each) into the bag. But remember that the teriyaki will have enough salt in it, so you might not need salt.
  2. Zip it and up and take out the days frustration on it– maybe not the whole day’s, just like a hour. You don’t want all the rice crispies smooshed– you want just enough crumbs to help cover the chicken in it’s entirety.
  3. You can turn the oven on now to get things warm. I usually put it on about 340-350.
  4. Crack the egg into a normal sized bowl, trying only to get the insides– not shell. Add the teriyaki  and with a fork mix it up until the yolk is combined.
  5. OH, if you are still holding on to the ziplock bag, you can put it down… Take the chicken and wash it. I do this to get the slimy coat off of it (and anything else that might be on there). If you want whole chicken breast for dinner– not chicken fingers, skip to #7.
  6. Slice the chicken into strips (you can pick the size and amount you need)
  7. Soak the chicken in the teriyaki/egg wash, swish it around, flip it over. Get it covered real good. (I use a fork) drop the chicken into the ziplock (that has the ‘breading’ in it) and shake it around. Repeat this with the rest of the chicken.
  8. CAREFULLY, as to not lose any of your breading, place the chicken on your pan: < I like this kind of pan when cooking so that the ‘breading’ won’t get soggy like when you cook on a flat bottom. Plus, putting tinfoil on the bottom helps with the clean-up. If you don’t have one of these types of pans, it’s OK, but I’m sorry if it comes out a ‘Soggy Bottom Chicken’.
  9. I bake until I think it’s about 1/2 done, then I switch the oven to broil, drizzle some of the teriyaki mix over the top and the ‘broil’ will do the rest of the work to make it crispy. If you have to turn them over, by all means, do what you have to do. You can tell they’re done by slicing into a thicker area of the chicken. If it’s white, you can bite. If it’s pink–well, you need to cook it a bit longer.

See, now how easy was that? Accompanied with a salad or veggies, and it’s a great summer meal.

Enjoy! and stay tuned for a delicious side-dish.

If you try this recipe, I’d love to hear how it goes!




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